The Olympics and Paralympics are huge forces for good: bringing nations and athletes together, enabling individuals to pursue and realise their dreams and allowing us all to push the boundaries of what we think is possible.

But, like much of modern-day life, there is also an environmental cost to athlete participation in the Games.

OLY Earth+ is setting out to change that, so that Team GB’s participation in the Tokyo Games is ambitious and inspiring on an environmental level, as well as an athletic one.

Launching this July, OLY Earth+ will compensate for GB athlete participation in the summer’s Games through a series of UK-wide projects under:

Oceans and seas

Supporting the restoration of seagrass sites in Scotland, England and Wales with the Marine Conservation Society, Project Seagrass and SeaWilding.


Planting 28,000 trees to meet the carbon cost of athlete travel to and from Tokyo.
Planting one heritage fruit tree for every Tokyo Olympian, inspired by London 2012’s golden letterboxes.
Helping restore vital peatland areas in Snowdonia, conserving this vital carbon store.


All our project will prioritise youth involvement, and we are working with Team GB to create school educational resources on climate and sustainability.

"Sport has so much potential for good. Tokyo will be my third Olympics, where I defend my Olympic title. This time I’m so excited I can use the power of sport to also contribute to an environmental legacy for Team GB”

— Hannah Mills, Olympic Champion and founder of Big Plastic Pledge

We would love for you to be involved in the projects through a mixture of online and in-person engagement - helping to plant trees, restore seagrass and conserve peatland sites, or increasing the platform of these important initiatives through your your own social media, family and friends.

Whether you’re an Olympian, an athlete, a Team GB supporter or general sports fan, please sign up.

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